We are very proud to present the 2nd version of our ready-to-drink Mana. We've been listening to your feedback and our team has worked day and night to make Mana better and tastier than ever before. Thank you very much. Order today at www.drink-mana.com!

We knew from the beginning that we would be producing something very complicated, something that needed to be developed. So before we decided to go big, we did 8 smaller beta productions. 7 were unsuccessful. We had to invest much more in research and development than we originally expected, as each test entailed high costs for setup, production, and cleaning of the assembly line. But at the 8th test, we finally reached our goal. What gives Mana Drink its unique taste and texture is mainly the ingredients, and the final process of homogenization and heating to a temperature of 140 degrees for two seconds. During this process, all the ingredients are broken down into microparticles, which prevents them from sedimentation. Although developing and testing new products using this technology is more demanding, it enables us to avoid using preservatives.

Ridiculously loaded. Seriously delicious.

We’ve upgraded mainly the texture and taste, but we’ve kept the outstanding nutritional values for a drink that’s more perfect and more delicious.

What’s new:

What’s not:

P.S. We will never stop developing and will always do the maximum to push our own limits. As a very young company, we are delighted to have achieved peak technology relatively quickly, and will continue not only to challenge ourselves, but to set new standards for the entire industry. However – and most importantly – none of this would be possible without you, our customers. Of course, that’s easy for any company to say, but we really mean it. Those of you who follow us on social media know what we mean. After all, without you, there is no us. We really appreciate your support. Thank you from the Mana Team.