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You are on our EU store. Did you mean to visit our US store?

Referral program

Recommend Mana to a friend and both of you get a discount on your purchase!

How does it work?

Do you have a Mana-account? So share a special code with your friends. Let's do it!

Generate discount

  • Log into your Mana account.
  • Copy the special link under the "Referring A Friend" tab. Don't worry, you can't miss it!
  • Send the link to one or more friends. You can even share it on social media. You'll get more discount codes that way.
  • Your friend clicks on the link, which takes them to our website. After a few seconds, a discount window pops up. Your friend fills in his e-mail address. We'll then send the discount code to that address. 
  • Your friend then orders his supercharged Mana on our e-shop and enters the discount code when paying. The final price will be automatically reduced.

And how do you get and apply the discount? 

  • It's a team effort. First you get the discount for a friend. When they order, it's a signal for us to send the discount code to you. Once we receive your friend's paid order, you get your own discount code. You'll find it in your mailbox.
  • After logging into your account, you make a purchase, enter the code at checkout and the discount is automatically deducted. 
  • The more friends who click your link and buy, the more codes you will receive. However, you can only redeem one code per order. 

- Your friend's address cannot be the same as yours.
- The discount does not apply to subscription orders.
- Your friend must be a new Mana customer.
- The discount code can only be used once.
- The discount code is valid for one year.
- The amount of the discount in the referral program is subject to change.