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Huge bag

I for some reason expected this to come in a pack of smaller bags, not in a single big bag. I am afraid to open this one. Will probably put it to containers or something. But the apricot taste is the best for sure.

life saver

It is truly life saver for those with food sensitivities and no time for food preparation.

Sometimes tastes funny

I have been drinking mana for several months and I like it. The thing is that the apricot flavour 1/2 bottle for every box of 6 tastes funny...

Beautiful hat.

Icon Trucker Hat
Adrian I.

Nice hat and good quality material. I love it!

ManaPowder™ | Origin

Very good taste

ManaPowder™ | Origin

It is very tasty, I mix it with milk and banana or cocoa. Perfect snack

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Deryll F.

It's much better than Fast Food! I love Mana💕

Mana | Starter Kit
Nicoline A.

I love this cute little bottle because it is the perfect size for your to use

I wouldn't. Deeply disappointed 15euro for a bottle with measurement you can't use it to shake the powder unfortunately I had hoped and thought it was for that purpose.

But otherwise the meal product is good, and shipment is fast! So that should def. have 4 stars already rec to some others!

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Matej H.

I love to drink Mana with mixed raspberries. While I'm out the basic flavor is still fine.

I love this it is so beautiful and pretty

Gf likes it, it would be cool if you would give these away more often maybe for buying in bulk or something, it´s free advertisement after all :)

Actually a very nice and comfy tee

ManaDrink™ | Taster Pack
Vladimír S.

Great idea to have a taster pack although it´s not that widely available, and I am pretty sure they mix something different than just powder and water because whenever I try to replicate it, mine tastes different :))

Mana | Scoop
Vladimír S.

Pricy spoon that gets the job done, just be sure to wash it properly every week or so because the powder likes to stick to it :)

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Vladimír S.

This version is much better thanks to the fact you don´t have to mix everything by yourself but the flavor is worse than the previous version

I love this product because is super comfy!!

I love this bottle because I mostly use the ManaPowder. It is super easy to use, because the neck is very wide. I also use the bottle just to fill with water with some fruit or cucumber, that fits into it. I have it by my side when i work so i can follow my daily water routine.

Mana | Scoop
Emu Š.

It’s very good

Family Pack | Origin | Mark 6
Michael L.
Great product - you get what you pay for.

Always loved the flavour of this meal replacement product. Something to note, make sure you have an air tight container big enough to transfer all the powder to. As the bag it comes in is not suitable for long term storage once opened. I suppose this is obvious for most but something I overlooked.

ManaPowder™ | Origin
Brian D.
Has not arrived

Has not arrived

ManaPowder | Choco | Mark 6
Joshua L.
Mixes badly & more of a topping than a drink

I've tried a lot of powder drinks now (Saturo, Satislent, Plenny Shake, Feed., Jake, Lently, Huel, Powder Matter) and Mana's Choco flavour is by far the worst mixing of any, which makes it a bit of a pain to use. It has the strongest chocolatey flavour, while being a bit plain in other respects, which means it works best as an additive for other drinks, to add a little strength, and less well as a meal of its own, as that can taste a bit boring. This isn't in and of itself a bad thing, since I do often like the addition, but it would be a lot better in the role if it wasn't such a faff to get it to mix. As it is, I'm tempted to try using plain cocoa powder instead.

ManaPowder™ | Origin
John E.
Awaiting arrival

Hasnt arrived yet


Small in size
Fabric looks cheap