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Introducing our new partner! Mana is now cooperating with SuperSlaviathe professional esports team of Czech football champions SK Slavia Praha. Mana is perfect for the world of professional gamers, because long training sessions and tournaments call for food that is time-saving and nutritionally balanced. Indeed, that is why SuperSlavia chose Mana as its fuel. It saves their players time, and gives them energy and focus for best performance, at all hours of the day. 

Mana has established a partnership with the most successful Czech football club of recent years. Coincidentally, their headquarters is in the same neighborhood where Mana was born and grew from a garage startup to an innovative producer of modern and environmentally sustainable food.

The pursuit of sustainability and social responsibility was also reason for Mana and SuperSlavia to join forces. Not only do we want their players to eat properly, we want them to set a positive example for the entire gaming community. We are well aware of the negative consequences of too much gaming, so together with them, we want to promote better practices in dieting, exercise, and sustainable living.

“Mana wants to contribute to the healthy development of this modern sport and dispel the prejudices that gamers have unhealthy lifestyles,” says Mana creator and CEO Jakub Krejcik.  

“As a professional esports player, I have to train for hours, which can sometimes be very mentally demanding. But thanks to Mana, I can save time I would otherwise spend preparing food. It keeps me away from junk food, and gives me balanced energy, so I can stay focused and keep training,” says SuperSlavia player Martin “Kobby” Strnad.

He is currently gearing up for a FIFA 21 tournament on PlayStation 4. Last year, he won second place at the largest Fifa esports event in the Czech Republic.

On Monday, November 9th, another member of the team, Jakub  “Cpt. Kubajz“ Pudil, will be facing off in FIFA 21 with one of the world’s best players, Curtis “Paps“ Poole from England’s West Ham football club. You can watch the live broadcast on SK Slavia Praha’s Facebook page.

Not only are our nutritionally complete foods helping e-football players, they're helping traditional football players. More info coming soon!

Slavia, SK Slavia Praha, Mana