Revolutionary, ingenious, sophisticated, delicious, irresistible, exceptional... These are all answers to the question of what the newalready seventh generation of Mana is. And those are not just empty advertising phrases. The proof is in the shift in composition and the enormous progress in taste. In short, the latest generation is a combination of science and common sense with absolute indulgence. Try it and see for yourself! Hedonism is no longer just for the kings. Mana Mark 7 has just landed on Earthand it's here for everyone!

We are introducing ManaPowder and ManaDrink in both popular flavours—Origin and Choco. The legendary—and historically most popular—Origin flavour now tastes even more like vanilla, but is still very natural. After all, that's why we love Origin. We've added an extra dose of cocoa to the Choco flavour, making it more chocolatey than ever!

We have also worked on consistency. While ManaPowder has an even smoother and more delicious consistency when mixed with water, we have improved the texture of ManaDrink. In other words, the drink is smoother and lighter, so it's great to drink. And all while maintaining the original energy value (so it's just as filling) and nutrients contained.

"I'm fascinated by the progression in taste and consistency of the new generation. Even though we have been developing Mana for over 7 years, we are still finding small details and nuances that we can improve. In the case of the formula itself, this isto put it simplyactually quite easy, as we are mostly responding to the latest recommendations and trends in modern nutritional science. Taste, however, is subjective; it's a whole other level. And with the new iteration of Mana, Mark 7, we've raised the bar in this respect," says our CEO, Jakub Krejčík

God is in the detail

The Mark 7 generation is the perfection of the perfect. The Mark 6 formula was so nutritionally complete that we have now focused on the detailsin line with the latest scientific knowledge. What hasn't changed is the combination of a total of 42 selected plant ingredients that has enabled us to achieve a uniquely diverse composition and an unrivaled nutrient spectrum. The Mana Mark 7 formula delivers all 42 essential nutrients your body needs.

But God is in the detail, that’s why we added:

"Athletes who are familiar with MCT oil will also find it useful. The Mark 7 formula contains premium, distilled C8 MCT oil from coconut with 99% caprylic acid triglyceride content. This is rapidly broken down in the body into ketone bodies, which provide immediate energy to the muscles and brain without the subsequent feeling of fatigue. We've also combined vitamin D2 and D3 and increased their amounts for even better absorption and usability. The semi-essential nutrient choline, which is essential for the functioning of the nervous system, will again be appreciated by hotheads :) I don't need to emphasize that it tastes great," comments our co-founder and R&D Director on the new ingredients, Marek Humpl.

Comparison of Mark 6 and Mark 7

* These values are for a standard 400 kcal serving of ManaPowder.
** For the 330 kcal ManaDrink, the same or very similar data apply.


Mana Mark 7 has a more modern look!

Packaging is not just for transporting the product and making it durable without the need for refrigeration. It is also important that the product stands out among the others and contains all the necessary information. And the actual unpacking of the product should not be forgotten. This should also be a special moment.

With the Mark 7 recipe, we are therefore introducing a new design that will make the new generation unmissable on the shelves, and with the stickers, you'll know right away what's inside!

42 essentials stands for nutritionally perfect superfood with 42 essential nutrientsa world record. The globe and plant symbols in the tube refer to the scientific approach and minimal environmental impactin short, Mana is healthy not only for your body, but also for the planet. In addition, you may notice the independent Nutri-Score, the European food nutrition labelling system, which gives Mana products the highest possible A rating.

If you don't know the new Mana generation yet, don't hesitate to buy it. It's tastier, more nutritious and more beautiful than ever!