It's been a year and a half since he decided to change the way he looked. In January of 2018, he became a vegan and started to pay close attention to diet and fitness. Once fat, he is now an athlete. Meet Thomas, a police officer from the Czech Republic, known on Instagram as Vegetman.

As part of his journey, he decided live for 100 days on Mana alone. He is 50 days in and has 50 more to go. Here is his incredible story:

"Going vegan has changed my life. It has taught me how to read my body and humbled me before my limitations.

After 4 months I had already lost 25 kg. I had no personal trainer or dietician, and I had only been to the gym a few times. No pumping iron, just exercising with bodyweight. After 1 year I weighted 29 kg less and I was jacked."


"A year and a half into my change, my doctor informed me that all my previous afflictions had disappeared. My blood attributes were normal and I no longer suffered from high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Here is a summary of my test results: age - 27, height - 181 cm, weight - 71.3 kg, body fat - 6.1%, muscle mass - 63.7 kg, metabolic age - 12 years, BMI - 21.8.”‍


"I decided to live exclusively on Mana for 100 days. This is because I see Mana as an alternative yet promising vegan food that is worth putting to the test. The aim of the experiment is to measure how my body will function on Mana in the long term, in particular in combination with strenuous physical effort.

Before, I was focusing on diet and exercise, but since Mana takes care of the diet part, I can now focus more on exercise.

With support from Mana, my doctor, and of course my lovely wife, I voluntarily gave up solid food to test the viability of what I see as the food of the future."


Mana won me over in spring of this year during a 200 km hike through the Himalayas. It was filling and light on my stomach, so I decided I wanted to get more involved and discover its true potential!

Living on Mana alone has brought balance into my life by saving me the time I used to spend balancing my diet.


"I started my all-Mana diet on 5 August 2019. Since then, I have had measurements taken every 10 days to make sure I am getting the proper dosage of Mana and that I am as healthy as I can be. I also have the vitamins and minerals in my body measured regularly using a special medical device.

Going from solid food to a diet of 100% Mana was of course not ideal for my body, but it was a rocket start mentally.

Over my first 50 days I did 74 hours of high-intensity training, so my body needed some time to adjust. In the first 37 days, I lost 4 kilos of muscle mass, but that didn't bother me, because this experiment is not just about numbers. It's about training my mind and testing the limits of my body. I also suspected that it was just my body’s temporary reaction to the change in my diet and hard exercise. Fortunately, I was right.

On day 38, I started to gain weight again, and over the last 9 days, I’ve gained 1.2 kg of quality muscle mass. My body has adapted and my muscles are definitely growing. Indeed, Mana is protein-packed. Now, I am ready to achieve peak physical condition.

On average, I consume 2,600 calories per day, and I'm never tired. On the contrary, because Mana is so light, I have a ton of energy and my strength is constantly increasing. I've even broken my personal records for a number of exercises. My most recent tests revealed that my vitamin and mineral levels are ideal – all thanks to Mana and its nutritionally complete components. Another positive is that my digestion is better than it's ever been.

And yet another positive I forgot to mention is that by day 5, I no longer had cravings for sweets. In fact, eating Mana has become a ritual I look forward to, and I don't even really crave solid food anymore. 

So, what about my mental health? Well, to be honest, I expected much worse. For one, the process of eating is now more "cerebral." Since I don't cook anymore, I am more conscious about enjoying my food. Before, I would spend so much time in the kitchen that I would just have to scarf down whatever I had made and then move on to the next thing on my agenda.

I've also felt emotionally numb for some time already (although my energy levels are good), most likely due to the absence of sweets. I am more reserved and apparently not as funny as I used to be. But my concentration has increased considerably and I am more consistent in my habits (this is probably a reflection of my consistent diet). Another consequence is that moments at the dinner table with my wife have become boring, if we even have dinner together at all. We can't get excited about food together because each of us has their own meal. My experiment is quite lonely and the people around me feel it. This is the biggest negative."


“Follow my journey as Vegetman on Instagram. Every day I post updates, statistics, exercise tips, and photos of my life on Mana. If you have any questions about my transformation, low-cost travelling, or my Mana-fueled experiment, please drop me a line. I'll be happy to help!

The motto of this experiment is: Joy in discomfort will not be normal until joy becomes the comfort of life itself."


"Mana, the manufacturer of this product, is involved in this experiment to a limited extent as a sponsor. I am not at all employed by this company and all conclusions I have draw and will draw from this experiment are and will be mine. This experiment is my idea and I am conducting it at my own risk. I am not bound by any contract, and have not been promised any reward for publication, completion, or positive outcome of the experiment."

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