There are three new flavors of Mana | Drink Mark 5 who can’t wait to meet you! These new innovations were developed according to the belief that food should be healthy, filling, and substantial. The original flavor, which you already know and enjoy, we are now calling Mana Origin.

We know you are excited about our Sunlight flavor of Mana Drink and have the pre-orders to prove it! But don’t forget about Love and Dream, with the color and taste of strawberry and raspberry, as well as real cocoa. Just like Sunlight, it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what a great dream or true love should taste like. But we think that strawberries and raspberries or cocoa are the perfect starting points for your day.

Try All 3 Outstanding New Flavors:

Mana Drink | Sunlight - the tropical taste of summer

Mana Drink | Love - luscious strawberry and raspberry

Mana Drink | Dream - heavenly cocoa

Delicious and Nutritionally Complete

We‘ve faced a big challenge developing our 3 new flavors of Mana Drink. As with all Mana products, they are free of additives and preservatives. And we‘ve made sure not to change the nutritional content either. Each Mana Drink still contains exactly 400 kcal of energy, or 20% of the average daily caloric intake. This includes an impressive 20 g of protein, 38 different vitamins and minerals, complex carbs, valuable fats, and fiber – all of which will quickly fire up your metabolism!

Order online and pay only 2.54 per drink, which is still an incredible value when comparing price versus calorie count.

We are thrilled with our new flavors and we think you will be, too. May your 2019 be filled with happiness and Mana!