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Mana: The Alternative to Food. Now Available at


Until now, Mana, an innovative substitute for classic food, has only been available through However, starting from 25 July, it will also be available through Thanks to Alza's partnership, more people than ever before will have access to our revolutionary drink and powder, for the same price and with guaranteed fast delivery. 

In the past, we have been directly responsible for the distribution of all Mana products, but due to growing demand, we will now be using the distribution channels of retails chains. is the No. 1 choice of Czech producers, with nearly 100 retail points in the Czech Republic. "This brings us one step closer to our customers, to removing barriers to easy and healthy nutrition," says Jacob Krejcik, the inventor and founder of Mana. Alza will be offering the 3 most popular Mana products: the Starter Kit (35 portions of Mana powder with accessories), powder refill pouches (with 35 portions per pouch), and our brand new Mana Drink. The prices will be the same as on, and shipping will also remain free. About Heaven Labs and Mana. Mana is the product of a start-up founded by Jacob Krejcik, a young entrepreneur who specializes in functional food. Mana is easily digestible and has the exact amounts of trace elements, vitamins, minerals, and other substances that the human body needs, without the extra baggage. It can be a complete substitute for food, or just a healthy alternative for when you're on the go. Jacob himself lived exclusively and successfully on Mana for one month under the supervision of his doctor. This is no surprise, as all of its ingredients have been subject to clinical study by their suppliers (44 studies in total). Jacob founded Heaven Labs in 2014. In 2015, company turnover was already over a million euro. In 2016, it was over 2 million. The company now has more than 20 employees recruited from among friends and Mana enthusiasts, and its headquarters and production facilities are housed in Prague, Czech Republic. Around 70% of its products are sold domestically, while around 30% are sold throughout Europe.

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