Sustainable agriculture, environmentally friendly food production

In developing Mark 6, the latest recipe of Mana, it was naturally a priority for us to pack the greatest variety of nutrients from the widest range of sources into every serving. But, just as it is important for us to deliver top nutrition from quality ingredients, so it is essential for us to reduce the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible. This is why we decided to get rid of the plastic scoops that used to come with boxes of our previous recipe of ManaPowder. Since Mark 6’s release on January 1st, 2020, this measure alone has saved one ton of plastic. By the end of the year, it will have saved 1,700 kilograms of plastic. This is nearly 100,000 scoops!

If you’ve been a Mana customer for more than a year, you might have been surprised to find that boxes of our latest recipe of powder, Mark 6, didn’t come with the plastic measuring scoop that was packed into boxes of our previous powders. The main reason for this is simple: as a producer of plant-based foods, sustainability is a major part of our mission.

Not only do we source environmentally friendly ingredients from tried-and-tested producers and distributors, we take active steps to innovate our production line and cut back on packaging.

If you’ve been a Mana customer for more than two years, you may remember that we used to serve our oil mix in a separate bottle, which had to be manually combined with the dry ingredients. This was both inconvenient and ecologically unfavorable.

So, we invested millions of dollars into patented mixing technology that would combine our oils and powders into a single, robust substance. The outcome? Less hassle for customers, and 50% and 20% reductions in our use of plastic and paper, respectively.

It was precisely in this tradition that we decided to eliminate the plastic scoops from boxes of our latest recipe of ManaPowder, Mark 6. Since we started selling Mark 6 on January 1st, 2020, we have again saved thousands of kilos of plastic. In place of the scoop, we have included instructions for how to portion Mana using a simple soup spoon (5 heaped spoonfuls = 2 scoops/86 g/400 kcal).

And for those of you who would nevertheless prefer to have a scoop, you can still order our classic stainless steel measuring scoop, either separately or as part of our Starter Kit.

Mana meal replacement, starter kit

Although our standard serving size is 400 kcal (this is what the scoop is for) many of our customers mix ManaPowder according to their own needs. Some want a big lunch, some prefer a mini-snack. Some like it thick, some like it thin.

We don’t want to tell you how big or small, or how thick or thin to make your ManaPowder. But we do feel strongly about promoting sustainable business practices, and we can’t do that without you. So, whether or not you have a Mana scoop, try ManaPowder and save time today, and the environment tomorrow.